Logos-TweezermanEvery woman deserves the best tools and beauty expertise. Known both “behind the scenes” and on the street as the must-have brand for over 30 years, Tweezerman® beauty tools are beloved by everyone from celebrities, models and make-up artists, to top beauty gurus, magazine editors and women around the world. We carry the Tweezerman® lifetime warranted collection of tweezers, as well as a unique selection of beauty and grooming tools.

Logos-Stephanie-JohnsonTraditionally, makeup cases and jewelry rolls were considered a necessary, but style-free component to a woman’s personal carry-all. The design spotlight has, until now, been reserved for the purse and shoulder tote. Through designer Stephanie Johnson’s eye for great patterns and shapes, and her obsessive quest for beautiful functionality, the makeup case and jewelry roll have been restored to regal status much to the happiness of travelers everywhere.

Logos-BioionicBio Ionic® salon-exclusive, professional-only tools contain a patented mineral blend called NanoIonic™ Complex that emits natural negative ions. This process breaks down water molecules for smooth, shiny and conditioned hair. These innovative styling tools deliver superior performance and quality for exceptional hair.