1-2-3, Go! (To get a Decléor Facial)

1-2-3, Go! (To get a Decléor Facial)

In the beauty industry, products come and go almost as quickly as trends change, but our relationship with Decléor is not fly-by-night. Interlocks has had a relationship with Decléor since 1995.

Interlocks’ Owner and Creative Director, Ginny Eramo, explains the salon’s enduring relationship with Decléor as more than just convenience, but of aligned philosophies. “The team at Decléor continually develops products that are tested through multiple sets of scientific guidelines. Their commitment to the research and development of quality products ensures that our clients are receiving therapies that deliver noticeable and often immediate results.”

Interlocks Esthetician Laura Crowley says that once her clients have a Decléor facial, they request it again, and again!  She explains, “It’s more than just opulence; the results are striking!  My clients leave with their skin just glowing.”  Laura goes on to say, “When we train with Decléor professionals, the process of applying the different serums through their own specific rituals is a big part of what is emphasized.  It is this unique philosophy that heightens the facial’s effectiveness and allows for maximum client satisfaction with the overall experience, not just the results.”

By now you may be wondering… What is 1-2-3? Well, actually it’s quite a few things!

Interlocks’ staff is trained in the specific protocols of Decléor facials, which are known  for their intoxicating aromas.  Decléor’s essential oils are an “alliance of science and nature.” From certified plant origin, plant quality, and finally to the distillation processes, and the final integrity of the Aromessence™ Serum. Decléor refers to this as it’s “triple guarantee of excellence.”

Playing further on this theme, Interlocks recently invested in new technology to create our Decléor Ageless Radiance Facial, which combines the luxury of a Declēor facial with Microdermabrasion and an Oxygen Vitamin Boost. The result is a triple-threat service that ensures maximum results. Or, try our most luxurious offering, the  Decléor Excellence Facial, which combines a hydration mask, that: 1. Instantly hydrates and brightens your complexion; 2. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles; and 3. Includes a relaxing scalp massage.

What’s that? You need more? Experience either facial from now through June 30th, and you’ll receive the following:

  1. $25 off your Facial
  2. 15% off Decléor retail products (purchased within 24 hours of your service)
  3. An exclusive invitation, and $10 savings, to return for another Decléor service

So don’t wait, we’re counting on you!  😉