2015 Holiday Hours

2015 Holiday Hours

We’ve extended our holiday hours! We want you looking and feeling your best, with time to grab the best gifts and stocking stuffers for your loved ones! No time to come to us? Order gift cards online (free shipping available)! Happy Holidays!🎁🎄🎅

INTERLOCKS 2015 holiday hours



[table_row][table_cell_head] Date [/table_cell_head][table_cell_head] Time [/table_cell_head][/table_row]

[table_row][table_cell_body] Friday, December 18th [/table_cell_body][table_cell_body] 9 AM – 8 PM [/table_cell_body][/table_row]

[table_row][table_cell_body] Saturday, December 19th [/table_cell_body][table_cell_body] 8:30 AM – 5 PM [/table_cell_body][/table_row]

[table_row][table_cell_body] Sunday, December 20th [/table_cell_body][table_cell_body] 9 AM – 5 PM [/table_cell_body][/table_row]

[table_row][table_cell_body] Monday, December 21st [/table_cell_body][table_cell_body] 9 AM – 9 PM [/table_cell_body][/table_row]

[table_row][table_cell_body] Tuesday, December 22nd [/table_cell_body][table_cell_body] 9 AM – 9 PM [/table_cell_body][/table_row]

[table_row][table_cell_body] Wednesday, December 23rd [/table_cell_body][table_cell_body] 9 AM – 9 PM [/table_cell_body][/table_row]

[table_row][table_cell_body] Thursday, December 24th (Christmas Eve) [/table_cell_body][table_cell_body] 9 AM – 5 PM (services until 3 PM) [/table_cell_body][/table_row]

[table_row][table_cell_body] Friday, December 25th (Christmas Day) [/table_cell_body][table_cell_body] CLOSED [/table_cell_body][/table_row]

[table_row][table_cell_body] Saturday, December 26th[/table_cell_body][table_cell_body] CLOSED [/table_cell_body][/table_row]