All About Peels

Let’s learn about peels! We’re happy to offer three peel options — Environ Peel, Skinbetter AlphaRet Peel, and the new iS Clinical Prodigy Peel — to reveal healthy, radiant skin. Get the scoop from our newest Master Aesthetician Pam F. below, and book a consultation to get your peel and get glowing in the New Year!

Benefits of Peels

Peels are very helpful for smoothing and evening skin texture. Peels also encourage clean, less congested skin. Healthier skin is easier to care for at home on a daily basis, allowing for better product penetration.

Peels can lighten, brighten and even hydrate skin. Sometimes, when you feel like your skin appears dull or lifeless, a peel carefully chosen by your skin specialist can bring vitality and health to your skin’s appearance.

Who can get a peel?

Who can: Most anyone can have some kind of peel, since there are many peels to treat a variety of conditions.

Who shouldn’t or should wait:

  • Women who are pregnant or nursing may not want an aggressive peel and should always check with their doctor, but there are some gentle options for peels that can help if their skin is struggling with some breakouts.
  • If the client has a sunburn, that is not the time for a peel.
  • If a client is on certain medications, e.g. antibiotics, that may not be the best time as most antibiotics dry the skin out and make it more sensitive or reactive.
  • Anyone on a treatment course of Accutane would NOT be able to have a peel. In fact, it is recommended to wait at least 6 months after completion of taking Accutane before a peel could be considered, and sometimes longer depending on the particulars surrounding each person’s treatment program.
  • There might be medical conditions, medications or lifestyle habits where a peel might not be the best option. It’s best for these clients to check with their doctor.

If you’ve never had any kind of peel, we don’t recommend having one right before your wedding day or a photoshoot as you won’t be sure how your skin will react. However, a gentle peel before a big event or social gathering can help with an easier and smoother makeup application and highlight youthful, healthy skin.

Ready for a peel? Consult with us!

All of the above are considerations so your aesthetician can select safe, appropriate peels for optimal, predictable results. We will also walk you through post care to help if there is skin shedding.

If you’re intrigued but still not sure, remember there is no reason to be fearful of chemical peels. A conversation or consultation with your skin care professional can provide education and understanding about which peel would best treat your skin and that aligns with your skin priorities and goals.

Our aestheticians are focused on choosing peels that maintain a healthy skin barrier function for protection from extrinsic, environmental exposure. A healthy skin barrier also keeps all of our natural moisturizing factors, among other things, working their best beneath the outer layers of our skin.

Welcome, Pam!

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Meet Pam F., our newest Master Aesthetician! As a former Environ Skincare educator, Pam brings years of expertise in clinical skincare to help our clients achieve their skin goals through spa treatments, facials, and at-home regimens and tools.