Why Autumn is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

Now that summer is over and the temperatures are dropping, it doesn’t make sense to worry about hair removal, right? WRONG! Autumn and winter are great times to start treatments for effective, safe, and convenient laser hair removal. You can prepare for next summer (or a tropical winter getaway) NOW with just a few treatments. Keep reading for our reasons why autumn is the best time for hair removal, then book your treatment with one of our Certified Laser Technicians!

laser hair removal legs

Why start Laser Hair Removal in Autumn?

  • It’s important to avoid sun exposure before and after laser hair removal. After summer, we naturally dress in more layers and stay inside more to keep warm, reducing our sun exposure.
  • Hair grows in cycles, so treatments every 4-6 weeks (until the majority of follicles are destroyed) are recommended for best results. Starting now means your treatments will likely be completed by the time you’re breaking that bikini out again.
  • You’ll save money in the long run on razors, shaving products, and/or waxing appointments. So you can splurge on those gorgeous ankle booties you’ve been eyeing, guilt-free.