Start Laser Hair Removal Now — and Save!

As the temperatures drop and we bundle up in more layers, our razors might be heading into hibernation — but we don’t have to emerge from winter as hairy as a bear. Read on to learn why autumn is a fantastic time to begin laser hair removal, how it compares to waxing, and more about our state-of-the-art lasers for comfortable services.

Why begin Laser Hair Removal in Autumn?

  • It’s important to avoid sun exposure before and after laser hair removal. After summer, we naturally dress in more layers and stay inside more to keep warm, reducing our sun exposure.
  • Hair grows in cycles, so treatments every 6-8 weeks (until the majority of follicles are destroyed) are recommended for best results. Starting now means your treatments will likely be completed by the time you’re breaking that bikini out again.
  • You’ll save money in the long run on razors, shaving products, and/or waxing appointments. For more on that:

Laser Hair Removal VS. Waxing

Both waxing and laser hair removal remove unwanted body hair, but that’s about where the similarities end.


As anybody who’s had a waxing service can attest, the service can be quite painful as hair is ripped from the roots. The pain can range from feeling like a band-aid being pulled off to something like the notorious scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, depending on the client’s pain tolerance and area of the body. Waxing can also lead to ingrown hairs, which is not a concern with laser services.

Laser hair removal is often described like rubber band snaps against the skin, though the sensation is fleeting and shouldn’t linger after the service.

“Everyone’s pain level is a little different so it is up to the individual which method they prefer. The client should feel little or no discomfort after the treatment has been performed for either service,” says Certified Laser Technician Jen Oliveri.

Cost and Results

Though the up-front cost of laser hair removal is significantly higher than a waxing appointment, think of it like an investment. “With every treatment less hair grows back and is softer,” says Jen. “You can shave in between treatments that are spaced out every 6 weeks. After roughly 6 treatments you have minimal hair growth if any at all.”

On the other hand, waxing will require at least monthly appointments, with hair growth never slowing or stopping. Since the wax needs to adhere to hair in order to pull it out, waxing requires a “grow-out” period in which clients cannot shave before a wax.

As a cost example, if a client comes in every 3 weeks for a Brazilian wax at $90 per service, they’ll spend $1,530 in a year.

If this client instead chose laser hair removal at $309 per session for the typical 6 sessions, this would come to $1,854. However, all of our laser hair removal treatments are Buy 5, Get 1 Free, so the client would pay $1,545 in a year (just $15 more than waxing!) — and the results are permanent. Even though touch-ups are sometimes needed, laser hair removal ends up being less expensive and saves time in the long run.

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Laser Technician performing laser hair removal with Cutera laser on underarm
Before and After Laser Hair Removal underarms
Before and After Laser Hair Removal chin
Before and After Laser Hair Removal chest


In laser hair removal, exposure to concentrated pulses of light destroy the hair follicles. We have different lasers at our disposal to treat various hair types.

“Our lasers from Cutera have a sapphire window that stays continuously cold at 4 degrees Celsius. We also use an ultrasound gel that helps protect and soothe the skin during treatments. Other lasers can have a cryo-based cooling system that can feel hotter and produce higher plume levels,” says Jen.

We’re happy to offer both waxing and laser hair removal services. Whether you need a bikini wax for a winter vacation or are looking for a long-term solution, you can book online for an appointment with an aesthetician or a consultation with Certified Laser Technician Jen Oliveri.

Note: laser hair removal may not be appropriate for every client. Please see our Laser Hair Removal page for frequently asked questions and pre- and post-care, and/or schedule a complimentary consultation.