Benefits of Massage

In honor of Everybody Deserves a Massage Week by the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (and our recent massage award from Best of Northshore), we’re putting a spotlight on the benefits of massage. We sat down to learn more from Massage Therapist Chrissy Boucher, who has been at INTERLOCKS nearly 10 years and also serves as Massage Team Leader. Along with Massage Therapist Erin Halloran, she offers a variety of massage techniques catered to each client’s specific needs. Read on to find out the benefits of massage, as well as information on massages offered at INTERLOCKS.

Benefits of Massage

You may be thinking that the main benefit of a massage is… it feels great! While that’s very true, there are many factors at play. Massage releases endorphins, leading to feelings of calmness, relaxation, and reduced stress. Your body benefits from increased blood circulation, and relief from muscle soreness, tension, and other aches and pains. This can lead to greater ease of motion, improved posture, headache relief, lower blood pressure, easier breathing and more. And yeah, it feels great.

Therapeutic Massage

Our most popular massage service, this service encompasses many different massage techniques, such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Thai, and more. Each session is customized to the client’s preferences and needs. Chrissy says that many clients suffer from neck and shoulder discomfort, sometimes due to office jobs with long periods of sitting. Our Head, Neck + Shoulder Massage is a 45-minute therapeutic massage that targets those areas exclusively.

Signature Massage with Aromatherapy

A signature massage is a therapeutic massage with the addition of Naturopathica Aromatic Alchemy oils for aromatherapy and other benefits. We offer four balm options with different scents and benefits:

  • Chill: calm anxious thoughts, soothe frayed nerves or promote rest and relaxation
  • Inspire: encourage self-confidence and ground emotions
  • Meditation: practice mindfulness and promote clarity
  • Re-Boot: energize the senses and help increase the body’s resistance to stress

Hot Stone Massage

“This is the ultimate in relaxation,” says Chrissy of the hot stone massage. The heat, while soothing and comforting on its own, also helps penetrate muscles for deeper tension relief. Many clients opt for the 120-Minute Hot Stone Massage for 2 full hours of pure heavenly tranquility.

Maternity Massage

As the name suggests, this type of massage is for pregnant women in their 2nd or 3rd trimesters. Like all massages, a maternity massage can help a client relax, reduce stress, and relieve muscle aches and tension. As a women’s baby grows, her center of mass changes and can cause pain in her body, such as lower back and joint pain. Massage can increase circulation to reduce edema, or swelling of the joints, by reducing collected fluids in those joints. We also have special pillows for belly support, allowing pregnant women to lay comfortably on their stomachs.

Chrissy says her favorite part of being a Massage Therapist is helping people feel good. “It’s got to be one of the only jobs where your client walks away happy almost 100% of the time.” So make your body feel good this Everybody Deserves a Massage Week!

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