CBD Massage

Introducing our newest service: CBD Massage. Imagine our fabulous award-winning massage, but BETTER. CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a compound found in hemp, part of the Cannabis sativa plant species. Hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, but have very different properties—CBD is non-psychotropic (doesn’t produce a “high”) and has proven health benefits.

“Adding CBD emphasizes the existing benefits of massage,” says Massage Therapist + Massage Team Leader Chrissy B. She adds, “There’s an extra level of relief from muscle soreness and inflammation.”

These massages include the use of salves from The Healing Rose, whose products are handcrafted, cannabinoid-infused body care with organic and 100% natural ingredients. Read on for more about the benefits of CBD, massage, and the five different salves available in our CBD massage!

  • CBD Massage Pricing

    • 60-minute $134
    • 75-minute $147
    • 90-minute $172

    CBD salve may be added to any of our other massages for $29.

Benefits of CBD Applied Topically

  • relieving soreness and aches
  • suppressing muscle spasms
  • slowing inflammation
  • reducing stress and anxiety

Benefits of Massage

  • releases endorphins
  • increases blood circulation
  • relieves muscle soreness
  • it feels great, of course!

You can see a comprehensive list of benefits and a description of all the massages we offer in our previous blog, Benefits of Massage.

CBD Massage Salve Options

We offer 5 salves from The Healing Rose, each with different scents and benefits:

  • Juniper Mint 150mg CBD — can help with many ailments, including pain relief and anti-inflammatory characteristics
  • Orange Lavender 150mg CBD — several benefits for use on skin, such as analgesic (pain-relieving), anti-inflammatory, soothing for certain skin conditions, calmative, and antibacterial
  • Raw Cocoa 150mg CBD — designed to soothe dry, itchy skin, and relieve and soothe pain, discomfort, and aches
  • Peppermint Spice 300mg CBD — this extra strength formula helps with many different ailments, such as pain-relieving characteristics, circulation, and increased bioavailability
  • Lemon Ginger 600mg CBD — this extra strength 2x formula contains powerful ingredients that work synergistically to promote healing, nourished and protected skin, and a cooling sensation on the skin with added menthol crystals

About The Healing Rose

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The Healing Rose Company, based in Andover, Massachusetts, handcrafts hemp-derived CBD infused body care products in small batches using natural and organic ingredients. They combine organic herbs and essential oils with hemp-derived, 100% THC-Free Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil with only high quality organic butters & oils. They have developed their formulas through extensive research & development, and do small batches to continuously improve their products.

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