Celebrating All Mothers

There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.

Mother’s Day is coming up, and we’re celebrating moms in all stages of motherhood. Being a mother is so rewarding, magical, indescribable… but it can be tough. We want to help YOU give the gift of beauty and wellness to the moms in your life, and help them to relax and feel appreciated.

See our recommended services below, or get inspired with our Gift Guide. If you don’t know or simply can’t decide, play it smart with an INTERLOCKS Gift Card, good on all products and services.

Service suggestions for moms-to-be | INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

This magical moment of a woman’s life is filled with joy, love, anticipation… and a few unwanted aches and pains. As she enjoys the remaining months of her pregnancy, help her relax, unwind, and take a load off of her (swollen, aching) feet with our luxury services.

Gifts for Moms-To-Be

Prenatal Massage. Our highly skilled massage therapists will help her to relax and safely treat any pregnancy discomfort.

Blowdry. Indulge her in a luxury blow-dry to complement her pregnancy glow.

Service suggestions for working moms | INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

The phrase ‘working mother’ is redundant.

Whether you are raising a family, working a 9-5 at the office, or juggling both, being a mom is a tough job! From Stay-at-Home Moms to Working Moms or even Working-From-Home Moms, there’s one key word here: WORK! It’s safe to say we all know a mom who could use a break, even if just for a little while.

Gifts for Working Moms

Classic Pedicure. One exquisite hour to sit back, relax, and kick her (very tired) feet up to enjoy some pampering!

Decléor Power Nap Facial. Perfect for the always-on-the-go, needs-a-quick-pick-me-up mom. This power nap for your skin addresses signs of skin fatigue and delivers a high dose of nutrients in just 30 minutes.

Service suggestions for new moms | INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

From waking up 5 times a night to feed the baby, to the endless amount of diaper changes each day, to wondering if they’re doing everything right—being a new mom is exhausting. And it can be hard to find time to themselves to do the things that make them feel good, so a rejuvenating service like a massage or makeover would be very welcome!

Gifts for New Moms

90-Minute Massage. Massage therapists work on all areas of the body, focusing on the new restraints she’s facing: nursing hunched over, carrying a baby, baby wearing, and more.

Color, Cut & Style. Many women experience a big change in their hair postpartum. This is a great time for her to get a new style that is easy to manage, low maintenance, and most of all makes her feel beautiful!

Service suggestions for grandmothers | INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

Grandmothers have seen it all. They’ve raised their own children through the years, and watched them become mothers and fathers themselves. So it’s no wonder they’re called grand – they always have a comforting word, a warm hug, and a sweet treat for you! Show your love and appreciation with a relaxing service, or perfect little present from our Beauty Apothecary.

Gifts for Grandmothers

Classic Manicure + Pedicure. Polished perfection. Many women love to be treated to a quality pedicure and manicure—and perhaps unlike new moms, their polish will last long after they drop their grandkids back at home!

Luxury pampering products. She’ll love the bath & body products in our Beauty Apothecary, from luxurious hand creams to fine fragrances to delicious-smelling candles.