Chemical Peels, They Are For You, Really.

Chemical Peels, They Are For You, Really.

“Healthy skin is beautiful skin” … we share this philosophy with the professionals at Physician Care Alliance (PCA Skin Care.) Eating well, and caring for your skin are both essential.  But, when skin problems occur, a customized peel can return your skin to good health.  

PCA assesmentHaving your skin assessed by an aesthetician is the first step.  Interlocks has an individualized approach for each client, to customize a peel for your specific needs.  A sequence of 3-6 peels provides the best results, and each peel treatment may vary, to complete the customization. You can expect to see results immediately after each peel treatment.

 There are many misconceptions about having a professional peel, including pain and leaving the appointment with a red or unsightly complexion.  At Interlocks, we use PCA peels and in most cases there is little or no discomfort and minimal visible exfoliation, or “peeling” of the skin. Each peel treatment delivers a low-dose peel formulation that provides dramatic and consistent outcomes.  Post treatment, our clients enjoy a glowing and healthy-looking complexion.

Now through March 30th Interlocks is offering 25% off our most popular advanced corrective treatments, including our PCA peels, as well as Microdermabrasion, and our Oxygenating Treatment.  So, if you have been thinking about trying a peel, or another advanced treatment for your skin, now is the ideal time.   And, you can enjoy this discount multiple times, during the promotional period.

Getting a chemical peel may seem daunting, and there are misconceptions that only people with severe skin problems are in need of these treatments.  However, anyone can benefit from a peel treatment because it increases the cell turnover rate of your skin and helps to produce collagen.  In short, it helps to keep skin healthy … and healthy skin is beautiful skin. Take a moment to watch this short video on the benefits of peels, the video was made by PCA Skin Care.





Note: a complimentary, 15-minute consult is required prior to your first PCA peel.