COVID-19 Protocol FAQ

Published: 1/10/21  |  Last updated: 7/5/21

Throughout this pandemic, we’re done our best to be transparent about our decisions for closing, updated protocols, and more. We understand that it can get a bit overwhelming — there’s a lot of information, and protocols have changed with new government orders and local board of health guidelines. We hope this FAQ will clear up a few of our COVID-19 protocols.

If you have any further questions about our protocols, please see our updated protocol blog, or contact us directly by calling 978-465-3010 or texting 833-551-1571.

COVID-19 Protocol FAQ

Q: What is your mask policy?

A: Clients are welcome to remove their masks. However at this time, all MedSpa patients and providers must remain masked regardless of vaccination status.

Q: Can you tell me if my service provider is vaccinated? Can you book me with someone who is vaccinated?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to disclose that information. However, we can assure you that the vast majority of our staff is fully vaccinated. Be kind as each individual navigates their own comfort level of mask wearing. Please refrain from conversations about medical information.

Q: If my service provider is wearing a mask, does that mean they are not vaccinated?

A: Some of our staff are choosing to still wear a face mask for the time being.

Q: Do I still need to text to come in? Am I still able to text if I want to wait in my car?

A: Our reception area is fully open. However, texting will remain as an option should you choose to utilize it.

Q: Am I allowed to bring my child? Or am I allowed to sit and wait inside for somebody while they are getting serviced?

A: Companions are allowed back in our salon. However, companions must remain in our reception area and children under the age of 12 must wear a face mask.

Q: I need to cancel/I am not ready to come back yet. How can I support your small business during this time?

A: You can shop online for your favorite products or gift cards at If you have cancelled your appointment, please consider scheduling a virtual consultation in its place to stock up on your favorite skin care or haircare. If you needed to cancel last minute, and wish to support your service provider with a gratuity, please contact us at