COVID-19 Protocol FAQ

Published: 1/10/21  |  Last updated: n/a

Throughout this pandemic, we’re done our best to be transparent about our decisions for closing, updated protocols, and more. We understand that it can get a bit overwhelming — there’s a lot of information, and protocols have changed with new government orders and guidelines. We hope this FAQ will clear up a few of our COVID-19 protocols.

If you have any further questions about our protocols, please see our guidelines for different departments below, or contact us directly by calling 978-465-3010 or texting 833-551-1571.

COVID-19 Protocol FAQ

Q: Can I receive services if I am a NH resident?

A: Yes, as long as you’ve not traveled to or from another state for anything more than transitory travel or running a quick errand. If you have, we just ask that you wait 14 days before receiving services. The same applies for other surrounding states.

Q: Are you accepting new clients?

A: New clients are being accepted but may have to wait a bit longer for appointments, as our existing clientele is being prioritized due to our staffing limitations. New or existing clients may also ask our Service Concierge to be added to our wait list, which is closely monitored as frequent cancellations do occur.

Q: I have a family member quarantined in my house, but I am negative. Can I come in for my appointment?

A: No. If you have had direct contact to a COVID positive case, we ask that you quarantine for 14 days before receiving services.

Q: If my appointment is cancelled, how long will I have to wait for another appointment?

A: The short answer: as soon as we can accomodate. We are doing our best to reschedule appointments promptly and/or with alternate providers when available. We have limited staffing due to Governor Baker’s capacity orders, along with the choice by many of our service providers to stay home during this current surge. The health and safety of our team and clients is our highest priority, so we will continue to follow all state government guidelines as well as adopt additional safety protocols as necessary.

Q: Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I cancel last minute?

A: No. If you are symptomatic or have had contact with a COVID case we urge you to reschedule your appointment to a later date. Our team is doing their utmost to protect each other and our clients through their actions both inside and outside the workplace, and we need our clients to do the same.

Q: I need to cancel/I am not ready to come back yet. How can I support your small business during this time?

A: You can shop online for your favorite products or gift cards at If you have cancelled your appointment, please consider scheduling a virtual consultation in its place to stock up on your favorite skin care or haircare to support your aesthetician or stylist during this time. If you needed to cancel last minute, and wish to support your service provider with a gratuity, please contact us at