Data-Driven Salon Summit 2018

INTERLOCKS marketing and management team at Data-Driven Salon Summit 2018

The INTERLOCKS team that attended Data-Driven Salon Summit 2018. From left to right: Project Manager + Assistant Buyer Eric Eramo, Owner + Creative Director Ginny Eramo, Director of Salon Operations Robin Spero, and Graphic Designer + Media Coordinator Amy Pirro.

You know all about our stylists, nail techs, aestheticians, massage therapists, makeup artists, and service concierge… but did you know we also have a robust management and marketing team working behind the scenes? Our commitment to education applies to all INTERLOCKS employees, which is why part of our team attended Data-Driven Salon Summit in Atlanta this weekend!

The multi-day summit dove deep into innovative technology, understanding and tracking metrics, and related best business practices for salon success. And, INTERLOCKS Owner Ginny Eramo presented a break-out session on Marketing as a Game-Changer! Read on for more!

Marketing as a Game-Changer

The INTERLOCKS marketing team consists of Creative Director + Owner Ginny Eramo, Director of Marketing + Business Development Jordan Becker, and Graphic Designer + Media Coordinator Amy Pirro. Having a full-time, in-house team allows us to create campaigns and content quickly and maintain cohesion in all of our marketing materials — and the fact that we don’t need to outsource graphic design or marketing work is fairly unique in the salon industry.

The 35-minute presentation covered the importance of consistent branding, branded content for web and social media, different media strategies for various platforms, incorporating national campaigns, and more.

A short Q & A followed in which Ginny and Amy answered marketing questions from the audience. We loved swapping knowledge with fellow salon owners and beauty professionals, and can’t wait for our next educational event!

What’s Next?

Ultimately our commitment to education boils down to keeping ourselves at the top of our game so that we can offer the very best service experience to our clients. Our team was able to learn more about the latest salon systems and technologies, and we’ll be working on ways to improve even more in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned!

INTERLOCKS Owner Ginny Eramo speaks on marketing at Data-Driven Salon Summit 2018

Ginny opens her presentation, Marketing as a Game-Changer.

A little friendly competition after the day’s education. Eric and Robin won darts against Ginny and Amy!