Esthetician Lauren Chapman is Back!

INTERLOCKS Esthetician Lauren Chapman

We are excited to (re)introduce you to Master Esthetician Lauren Chapman, who is back after an 8-year absence! Prior to taking that time to watch her two beautiful daughters grow, Lauren was at INTERLOCKS for 13 years. “I’m here to stay,” she says, adding that she’s so happy to be back and that she still sees a lot of familiar faces. “I like everything about being an esthetician, from the instant gratification of waxing to the face-brightening facials,” she says. “And this is the best spa around.”

Lauren is back this week getting reacquainted—or just acquainted, as the spa has expanded enormously since she has last been here! Master Esthetician Debra is getting her up to speed on the space, new services (lash + brow tinting, anyone?) and anything else that has changed. Funnily enough, Lauren was actually the one who trained Debra originally! Check out the old spa staff photo below — Lauren is on the top right, and Debra is bottom left.

INTERLOCKS old spa staff photo

Lauren will be open for all spa services each Thursday through Sunday, and her first official day back is this Friday, April 4th. Welcome back, Lauren!