Foilayage Color Education

Balayage is a popular lightening or highlighting technique, where hair is hand-painted by the stylist for a natural-looking blend that grows out gracefully. This means no regrowth lines — and effortlessly chic style even months later. You know it, you love it, you’ve probably had it. Now enter: foilyage.

Foilyage is a take on the ever-popular balayage, but the hand-painted hair is then wrapped in foils, which allows it to lighten further with less time. This is perfect for dark-haired ladies, brighter babylights to frame the face, or anyone that wants maximum lift in minimum time.

Foilyage Class with Ashlee Norman

Recently, some of our stylists attended the advanced Triple Threat Foilayage class with independent educator Ashlee Norman, who specializes in the technique. They learned her techniques to get a result mimicking the placement of open air balayage but with more lift in the same application time as painting. Base breaking and shadow toning were also incorporated to create perfect transitions and graduation of color.

INTERLOCKS Master Stylist Cheri C with educator Ashlee Norman at foilyage class
Foilayage is a great option for clients with darker hair to achieve a beautiful natural looking balayage using foils and Ashlee's hand painting technique. We also learned her “marrying” technique, which entailed taking out the foils at the sink and smoothing out any unwanted lines at or near the root for some last minute processing, adding to the color's natural look.
— Master Stylist Cheri C.
The class was great! Ashlee was very knowledgeable when it comes to the pH scale and the products she uses and why. She taught us a new technique to create the most lightness (in foils) while still having that soft, ribboned look. I will definitely take different parts of the technique and incorporate them into the balayages I’ve been doing to get that extra lightness and money piece around the face.
— Senior Stylist Chelsi M.
INTERLOCKS Senior Stylist Chelsi M at foilyage class

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