Hello from our spa team

Hello from our spa team! We’re eagerly awaiting “Step 2” of Phase II when spa and nail services may resume, but our team has been keeping busy with virtual education, family and homeschooling, home projects, and more. Take a look at what some of them have been up to below!

Our priority is keeping our clients and team safe and healthy. Please take a look at our new guidelines, and give us a call at 978-465-3010 to book hair appointments. We’ll let you know when we’re able to take spa and nail appointments again!

Master Aesthetician Elle C.

During quarantine I’ve taken the time to really focus on my continued education through webinars and online classes. iS clinical has been my favorite so far. They use amazing ingredients and have wonderful results-driven products, especially products that can help with what I call “mask face.” Anyone wearing a mask on a daily basis has definitely started to see compromised skin.

One thing that I’ve been missing like CRAZY are eyebrow waxes! I also can’t wait to get back and awaken and brighten people’s skin back up using our Hydrafacial!

On a personal level — I’ve taken this time to focus on my health, and have dedicated more time into exercising and eating healthier. I’ve done a lot of reading about gut health and eating habits in general and how that alone can affect skin health. I’ve also enjoyed the one-on-one time I’ve had with my son 🙂

Nurse Injector + Director of Laser Services Maria Gagliardi, BSN, RN, CANS

During this time I have done a lot of virtual education. Allergan has 1-2 webinars a week with key opinion leaders, focusing on injectables. The education has focused on post COVID-19 treatment, as well as maximizing patient experiences with reviews of patient assessment, treatment and planning. Many of my colleagues and mentors have also offered webinars, which I have participated in. Since medical aesthetics is an art and a science, there is always a pearl to pick up from different providers.

Prior to COVID-19 I was scheduled to travel to California for a preceptorship with Dr. Patrick Bitter, who is the master of photo facials. Since I was unable to make it, I am the very first student to take the course online. I am in the process of taking the course, as there has been no shortage of education. I am looking forward to returning to work, and making the best of our “new normal” and following what one of my mentors refers to as S4- Stay Smart Stay Safe!

Lead Licensed Nail Technician Sophorn P.

Hi guys — I’ve missed everyone so much! This time off has given me the chance to slow down a bit and to stop and smell the roses. I’ve been keeping busy with homeschooling, house projects (if I can’t paint nails, I can paint some walls), and cooking. I am loving this time I have with my family but so ready to get back to work! Hope to see everyone soon! 🙂

Master Aesthetician + Master Lash Artist Laura C.
Licensed Nail Technician Meg L.

As we start to return from our quarantine I’m so excited to see everyone again! I’ve been spending much of this time off trying to fill the creative cravings that I have from not being able to do nails. I’ve been experimenting with acrylic pour painting and cross stitching. I’ve also been doing a ton of reading (just started my 30th book of quarantine)! I’m ready to get back to work and catch up with my coworkers and clients. I’m so excited to see you soon to get those nails sparkling!

Director of Skin Care, Master Aesthetician, and Senior Lash Artist Debra D.

These past 11 weeks have been very different but not wasteful! Webinars and virtual education involving all of our skincare lines have kept myself and my co-workers on track to continue to do what we love while we stay home/stay safe. Our minds have kept moving when our hands could not! I can’t wait to get back to the spa and connect with my clients again — miss you all!

Jennifer Oliveri Laser Hair Removal + Electrology
Certified Laser Technician + Electrologist Jennifer Oliveri

I feel blessed to have had this unexpected “sabbatical”. ❤️ Even though the world around me had much chaos and uncertainty going on I felt it was important to try and clear my mind, the best I could, and use this as an opportunity.

I needed to catch up and the internet was more then willing to help! The flood of information that came from our vendors was incredible. Environ our leading skin care line and Cutera Lasers offered online classes and webinars. Sanitation and safety in the work place was put at a top concern. Glad to be partnered with these great companies!

Outside of work many colleges offered free classes that I also took advantage of including classes in humility and writing. Home projects that were always put on the back burner were now complete ✅, got a chance to use that Rosetta Stone lesson, Bonjour! Learned how to play 45’s and looking back on all the great meals that were made, I should have started writing a cookbook (although now it should be a book on how to lose weight) 😉. But most of all I loved spending time with my family.

I look forward to going back to work and seeing my co workers and my valued clients! Can’t wait to hear all of your stories!

P.S. Wear your sunscreen 😘