International Beauty Show NYC 2018

Recently a large part of our salon team visited the International Beauty Show in New York City. IBS New York is the longest-running professionals-only event in beauty, and they have a LOT of offer! A ticket includes hundreds of free educational classes, hands-on master workshops, leading industry educators and so much more. From their website:

Attendees come to IBS New York to learn new techniques and trends from industry icons, refine skills, and stock up on salon and professional needs. Filled with top-notch education, excitement and inspiration, IBS New York can elevate any career to new heights!

YES! We know that advanced continuing education is the key to offering only the best for our clients. In fact, this month we’re highlighting education as part of our 30th anniversary celebrations! The stylists that attended IBSNY brought not only knowledge but energy and inspiration back to the entire INTERLOCKS salon team. Check out our interview + photos below for some of their favorite moments and inspirations!


INTERLOCKS Senior Stylist Sherise C.Senior Stylist Sherise C. attended Creative Cutting Techniques with DJ Muldoon.

Senior Stylist Tanya W. attended Creative Cutting Techniques with DJ Muldoon.

Senior Stylist Holly L. attended a Men’s Barbering workshop.

INTERLOCKS Senior Stylist Christine R.Senior Stylist Christine R. attended Beyond Cre8ivity with John Simpson and Christopher Dove of CoCre8.

Senior Stylist/Master Colorist Michelle A. attended Beyond Cre8ivity with John Simpson and Christopher Dove of CoCre8.

Associate Stylist Stacey D. attended The Art of Technical Cutting with Dewey, Frank and Anthony from Fi Hair.

Associate Stylist Chelsi B. attended The Art of Technical Cutting with Dewey, Frank and Anthony from Fi Hair.

Master Stylist Alisson M. attended the main stage presentations.

AndreaMaster Stylist Andrea R. attended Color and Cut Trends with Nick Arrojo, Up-styles with Martin Parsons, and the main stage presentations.

Salon Assistant Meredith R. attended Color and Cut Trends with Nick Arrojo, Volume Demo with Martin Parsons, Create the Catwalk with Charlie Price, and Re-Invent with Ted Gibson.

Salon Assistant Julia C. attended Create the Catwalk with Charlie Price, and the main stage presentations.


INTERLOCKS Senior Stylist Christine R.Christine: All the different walks of earth together in the Javits Center in love with our industry. It blows me away knowing other humans love hair just as much as I do.

AndreaAndrea: The men’s barbering and hair extension application.

Alisson: I love Nick Arrojo and his team. They always manage to keep a balance between latest tends with commercial looks. His work can be avant-garde but has the ability to be toned down for every day clients. He always continues to inspire me.

Meredith: Ted Gibson and his team do amazing abstract work that I don’t see everyday. It helped me to think outside the box.

Michelle: I was inspired by Nick Arrojo and his team. They do hair that is relatable and can be brought back to the salon.

Stacey: I was inspired by box cutting which gives softness to the face without losing any corners and giving beautiful layers without any harsh lines.

Tanya: DJ Muldoon’s laid back demeanor and his visual approach to his craft.

INTERLOCKS Senior Stylist Sherise C.Sherise: I was most inspired by the educator DJ. He broke down haircuts that we do everyday but taught us new ways of thinking about haircutting and new ways of executing them. He broke the rules of how we usually cut hair and showed us the difference. We cut the same bob but with different techniques on each side of the mannequin and compared them. It was a great way to see how small tweaks can change a haircut!

Julia: Charlie Price’s “Create the Catwalk” demo

Chelsi: I was most inspired by the different perspectives behind the techniques taught in class.

Holly: It was inspiring just watching how amped up the guys were who taught the class! Seeing how passionate they were made me feel grateful to be apart of such an exciting and fun industry.


Alisson: There was a huge focus on men’s barbering this year. I saw lots of fades and cutting techniques that will definitely be utilized in the salon. The men’s industry is growing so fast and it was nice to see some commercial looks.

Chelsi: I will definitely be using the curtain bang technique and also the compression layering technique that we learned! The compression layering is a way that we can layer someone to give them volume without actually cutting the top layer shorter and I think a lot of people will benefit from that especially those with long thick hair that don’t want too many layers!

Holly: Although my clientele mainly exists of women, I am excited to bring what I’ve learned to my male clients. To offer them more styling options, something other than “the usual”. The possibilities are endless!

Stacey: The box cutting technique!

INTERLOCKS Senior Stylist Sherise C.Sherise: All of the techniques I learned in my creative cutting class I will bring back to my chair! Dj explained layers and graduation in terms of weight. Layers thin the hair making it skinny or more vertical while graduation adds weight making it more horizontal. We learned where and when to use these haircutting concepts within the haircut.

Meredith: I got so much inspiration to bring in more models and to try new techniques. I was also able to watch many quick shows for men’s cuts, which helped a lot.

AndreaAndrea: Creative color placement with hair extensions.

INTERLOCKS Senior Stylist Christine R.Christine: Blunt bobs, interior texturizing, as well as CoCre8’s styling wand for detailed finish work


AndreaAndrea: Watching different companies and educators interpretations of what’s new in the industry. Also mentoring the younger staff on how to get the most out of the show.

Alisson: Mostly what I love about the NYC show is the vibe and the excitement it gives you. Spring is a great time of year for change. Clients are coming in feeling dull and want a change to rid them of the winter blues. The IBS show is positioned perfectly to come back with new and fresh ideas for your clients.

Tanya: Being in the company of so many AMAZING and talented people. Educators and attendees, everyone just willing to learn and teach new ways of bringing excitement to our craft!

INTERLOCKS Senior Stylist Sherise C.Sherise: I loved the Creative Cutting Techniques class. It was very useful to everyday behind the chair. I also liked stocking up on new tools. I got new shears, a blow drier, a hair wand with interchangeable rods. It was all in all a great trip!

Chelsi: The Art of Technical Cutting class was by far the best part of my quick trip. It was very refreshing after taking my color board certification in August and having to do a lot of studying and preparation for that. This class was fun, upbeat, and very informational!

Michelle: The fun energy that comes when there are that many stylists in a large space and they all live to do amazing hair. And I bought a new pair of Hikari Shears!

Stacey: The Art of Technical Cutting class was my favorite because I learned several different techniques to accomplish one look.

Meredith: Buying my new Hikari shears!!

Julia: Getting to shop AND learn!

Holly: Not only did I learn a lot at IBS but I was able to share my first NYC trip with my best friends- My Interlocks Girls!