Introducing Caudalie

We’re so excited to bring you another clean, natural, and effective skincare brand: Caudalie!

Beginning our story in a family vineyard in Bordeaux, with founders Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, Caudalie offers effective skincare from natural ingredients derived from grapes and the grapevine.

As it turns out, we love grape-based skincare as much as we love grape-based adult beverages 🍷. That’s because Caudalie is committed to using natural active ingredients that respect the environment and your skin, never using certain suspicious or undesirable ingredients, and getting as close as possible to 100% natural products without sacrificing effectiveness.

Caudalie lab

It’s good for all skin types, even pregnant and nursing women. My favorite product is the Beauty Elixir, because you can use it all day and it sets your makeup.
— Master Aesthetician Vera M.

Read on to learn more about our brand new Caudalie facial, and see some of the photos from our space and training!


Luxury Premiere Cru Facial

A signature treatment combining the best anti-aging active ingredients to treat all the signs of skin aging.

This advanced facial uses a combination of targeted pressure application, gentle massage techniques and derma-rolling to deliver exceptional results. Skin feels firmer, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, and radiance is restored.

$175 $155 through 1/31/20

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