iS Clinical Cancer Care Program

At INTERLOCKS, we constantly strive to stay on top of the latest education in order to provide the very best services to our clients. Recently, Aesthetician Kassandra C. completed the iS Clinical Cancer Care program to better serve clients who are undergoing treatment for, or have survived, cancer. Read her interview below!

What is the iS Clinical Cancer Care program?

The iS Clinical Cancer Care program was designed to help partners like INTERLOCKS give back to our community in a way we know how. This program offers aestheticians further information about how to treat clients who are undergoing treatment for cancer. There are many skin concerns associated with cancer treatment, and it is important we are able to treat these guests in an effective way. This certification has taken us into a deeper level of knowledge about how and which iS Clinical products should be used when working with skin that has become compromised from chemotherapy and radiation. Through the iS Clinical Cancer Program, we are able to confidently provide services, product knowledge, and at-home care for each of our guests undergoing these treatments.

Why did you decide to pursue the iS Cancer Care program?

We at INTERLOCKS have grown a deep passion for the iS Clinical skin care line. These products have tremendous results paired with a truly enjoyable feel on the skin. Personally, my skin is the best it has ever been, and we are seeing remarkable results with our guests.

I was excited to pursue a certification in the iS Clinical Cancer Care program to expand my knowledge in specific skin concerns from cancer treatments.

Our goal with this certification is to help those struggling with this disease to feel just a bit better in any way we can. The road of recovery from cancer isn’t all about how we look, but providing exceptional services and lending our ‘helping hands’ is something we CAN do as aestheticians to bring a smile to someone’s day during tough times. We trust the iS Clinical line to provide us with products that will work for our clients who are dealing with cancer.

Is there any special care you take when servicing a client who is undergoing treatment for cancer?

There is special care taken with cancer patients and survivors. This is broken down in two parts. One is our demeanor. The ability to be caring, nurturing, and conservative in our approach and have open ears to our clients’ needs helps us provide the best service possible. We have the education and products to provide the correct service to those undergoing cancer treatment. Services chosen may include a soothing cleanse, gentle forms of exfoliation, relaxing massage and deeply hydrating restoration.

Secondly, there is always special care taken in our industry to provide top notch infection control, especially in our current times while facing Covid-19. At INTERLOCKS, we have always followed a strict protocol to ensure proper infection control. Right now, that protocol has been sealed tight with added PPE and sanitation to ensure the safety of every guest we see.

What is the iS Clinical Pure Wellness Collection?

The Pure Wellness Collection is a system of four products that address sensitivity, dehydration and dryness, lack of circulation and dullness, and increased sensitivity to sun exposure. iS Clinical has also kept in mind the need for simplicity and reliability that may be needed by our guests. These are some of the top concerns voiced to aestheticians from patients.

Here is a breakdown of each of the products included:

Cream Cleanser

This soothing cleanser is ideal for the dry sensitive skin. It cleanses effectively, and can be tissued off without water, leaving the skin smooth, hydrated and fresh.

Poly-Vitamin Serum

This intensive, rejuvenating serum is ideal for the tightness & pulling skin experiences as a result of radiation dermatitis. It brings a brightness back to the skin and provides a multitude of anti-aging benefits.

Hydra-Cool Serum

This healing serum provides deep hydration with quality hyaluronic acid. 

Extreme Protect SPF 30

This daytime SPF moisturizer will protect sensitive skin from the sun and the environment (including that cold winter weather!) It leaves the skin looking luminous, and delivers an abundance of antioxidants. 

We welcome you to visit with one of our aestheticians to discuss products and skincare regimens that work for your specific skin needs. ✨