It’s Mom Time

It’s Mom Time

Here at INTERLOCKS we enjoy celebrating the incredible women in our lives, and that notion is ever more present in May when Mother’s Day is on everyone’s mind.


INTERLOCKS Master Stylist Kelly Sargent with her son

Sometimes it’s hard to know just what the mom in your life will need, or more to the point, want as a gift.  In thinking about our own gift-giving decisions, we found inspiration in our own staff who offered the suggestions listed below.  Although we’re highlighting gifts for mothers themselves, they’re really for all the special women in your life, such as a sister, aunt or best friend, whose mother-like qualities you’re also celebrating!

For the New Mother:

The first year of a baby’s life is filled with milestones, but for mom it can be a test of endurance!  The erratic schedules of the baby’s first year make it difficult for moms to have time to themselves.  Our staff members who became new moms this year say that pampering is in order!  We offer a variety of massage services from a half-hour to two hours of relaxing bliss.  For the new mom, the Aromassence® Massage is ideal.  With its comforting scents of Decleor Aromassence® Balms, she’ll leave feeling relaxed, rested and invigorated.

For the Mother with Young Children:

Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than chasing a 3-year-old through a park or arguing with her third-grader about doing spelling homework … right?  For moms with little kids, we find that it’s often the little things that matter.  A new lipstick or eye shadow can go a long way towards making a woman feel, well, more like a woman!  We recommend giving her a Makeup Lesson with one of our talented Makeup Artists and an INTERLOCKS Gift Card to purchase new colors that will keep her smiling all year long.

For the Mother of Teens:

As the saying goes, big kids, big problems.  While that is not always the case, no one is going to argue that having teenagers is stress-free!  As they age, so do we!  For the mom of a teen, we recommend an INTERLOCKS Spa Facial, which will leave her feeling relaxed and positively rejuvenated.  Our full offerings are found here, but our moms on staff suggest these two:  OCEAN+ Collagen LED Facial, which features concentrated collagen and LED therapy to promote skin firmness, texture and tone; or Ageless Radiance Facial, which is a “triple-threat service” providing maximum results by combining our best facial with Microdermabrasion and an Oxygen Vitamin Boost.  Mom will leave with a healthier, glowing complexion.  To really guild the Lilly, add the INTERLOCKS Eye & Lip Renewal treatment to reduce her fine lines, firm the skin around her eyes, and plump her lips!

All of our Mother’s Day gift ideas can be given to any special woman in the form of an INTERLOCKS Gift Card, which is presented in an elegant gift box tied with satin ribbon.  You choose the monetary value and make the service suggestion, but she may still redeem her gift for any of the services or products we offer equal to her card’s monetary value.  She chooses what she wants!  We call that a win/win!