LBP Front Row

LBP Front Row

LBP Front Row, an educational event for professional hair stylists, recently occurred in Miami. The four-day event was billed as “a hair festival of epic proportions,” and we have to agree!

Six of our stylists as well as INTERLOCKS Owner Ginny Eramo attended this epic hair event, and all were blown away by the presentations and left with new knowledge and inspiration. “Front Row was an epic salon and fashion event – the ‘cool’ factor was off the richter scale,” said Ginny. Senior Stylist Sherise Campbell adds, “This trip was the perfect combination of work and play, with hands-on tutorials by big names in the fashion world and also time for fun on the beach.”

Education excites us here at INTERLOCKS. The stylists that attended Front Row brought energy, knowledge, and inspiration back to the entire INTERLOCKS salon team. Check out our interview below for some of their favorite moments and fashions.



GinnyOwner + Creative Director Ginny Eramo: That luck favors the persistent!

AlissonMaster Stylist Alisson McHale: There were a few aha moments. One was a great usable technique creating beautiful beachy waves with a flatiron. You push the hair into an S shape while tapping with the iron. It was definitely a fun and very usable technique that I’ve already played with.

SheriseSenior Stylist Sherise Campbell: I learned a lot from Vivienne Mackinder and the importance of using face shapes to determine hair cuts. Not all new trends are flattering for every face shape! She demonstrated how a haircut can play up the good and camouflage the not-so-good!

MelissaSenior Stylist Melissa Clark: In the Oribe hands-on class I was able to snag James Pecis him for a one-on-one with my model. He introduced me to the new Oribe products soon to come–some of which are on top of my must-have list!

ChristineSenior Stylist Christine Soucy: In our hands-on class, James Pecis taught us a different way to braid. He used just three fingers to keep the braid tighter and cleaner. This is something I can’t wait to try, being the braid enthusiast I am!


GinnyGinny: Luxury is not opulence, but more a cocoon of tranquility and exquisiteness. That is what our clients are seeking.

MelissaMelissa: James Pecis showed us the new Oribe products (coming soon!), and how to use upholstery needle and thread to hold an updo in place, rather than bobby pins, which is something I will bring back behind my chair for sure.

ChristineChristine: Nikki Welch showed us a great way to give a beach curl with a flat iron and little effort. It’s a soft, tousled look that many women ask for.



GinnyGinny: I was inspired by the grafitti of the Wynwood Miami district, and the window displays created for Barney’s by Simon Doonan.

AlissonAlisson: We had the pleasure seeing amazing motivational speaker Jim Collins. He gave us some great team-building strategies and how the importance of goal setting is a must in life and in your career. I feel very fortunate to love what I do and through his presentation I felt even more excited about my chosen career path! I’m off to buy his book!

MelissaMelissa: The creative runway and editorial styling—something we don’t get to do every day behind the chair at INTERLOCKS. The on-stage performances and ending of the show has got me wanting to do more editorial photoshoots!

TanyaSenior Stylist Tanya Woodall: There was so much inspiration surrounding us. Wynwood, the area where the show was had all these spray-painted murals and then of course Jim Collins, who has quite the repertoire, gave me an abundance of inspiration with his 12 question presentation.

AndreaMaster Stylist Andrea Rumph: Motivational speaker Jim Collins was one of my favorite speakers at the show. He spoke about “finding your hedgehog” which really meant figuring out what you are really good at and working your hardest to be the best at it.

ChristineChristine: Mana Wynwood, an art exhibit, was where the Oribe Event was held. The buildings on the way to the exhibit were covered in graffiti, but it wasn’t the graffiti you would see under a bridge around here. It was beautiful and creative and inspirational. The block was covered in paintings that different people had put together. So many different people with different ideas of art! Super cool!


GinnyGinny: The work of Garren with a nod to Hollywood glamour and pop icons.

AlissonAlisson: It was a hairstylists’ show! The focus was on the hair and the creating of hairstyles. It was an editorial feel. Product selling took a back seat this time around. Definitely refreshing!

SheriseSherise: Coby Alcantar did an awesome razor cut that was soft around the edges and very feminine. Coby’s style of cutting was very visual and done to the head shape, with tons of movement. My favorite way to cut!

MelissaMelissa:  I’m torn! Vivienne Mackinder is an absolute hair genius, but my personal type of styling matches Howard McLaren. He’s a total creative stylist that goes with the flow and uses his eyes and hands as his tools for direction. Hair is art–there is no right or wrong in his book.

ChristineChristine: All of it! I had the best time in Miami. Beautiful people and great inspiration with the best INTERLOCKS team by my side.

AndreaAndrea: Garren was my favorite industry icon that gave a presentation. His attention to detail was amazing! If I was not watching with my own eyes I would have thought his hands were magic!



SheriseSherise: I am #oribeobsessed with all of their products! They have some amazing new products coming out that I was able to play around with in the hands-on class.

AlissonAlisson: Oribe Surfcomber was used a lot on stage—this is a mousse with tons of hold. It does it all!

MelissaMelissa: I am totally #oribeobsessed and committed to directing my clients on finding the specific product in the massive lineup that they won’t be able to live without. No joke—the product sells itself once you can your hands and hair into it!

TanyaTanya: Those of us that were a part of the hands-on class with Oribe’s James Pecis got an exclusive sneak peak at some new products and I’m definitely #oribeobsessed with those, and also using Foundation Mist as a tool to help blowdry.

ChristineChristine: I am #oribeobsessed because of their enthusiasm! The Oribe team is so welcoming and excited for us to be part of their family!

Pssst… to celebrate all our inspiration from one of our favorite hair care brands, we’re having an Oribe sale and an Oribe-focused Winter Waves Blowout + Makeup event. Check them out!

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