Lovely Locks, The 2013 Golden Globes

Lovely Locks, The 2013 Golden Globes

For us, it’s often about the fashion, and ALWAYS about the hair.  It’s great seeing Avant-garde looks on the runways, and we thrive on using them for inspiration.  However, this time we must applaud Hollywood. We’re seeing more and more red carpet looks that truly match with our own aesthetic and, best of all, wearable!

Last night’s Golden Globe Awards showcased both TV and the Sliver Screen. and the red carpet looks did not disappoint.  Here’s our wrap-up of the hairstyles we liked, and the looks that fell off the mark.

Soft, Side-Swept Waves
This coiffed style was omnipresent last night, and we absolutely L-O-V-E the look.  It’s fantastic for medium-length to long hair, and we adore that this look appears natural yet highly polished and most definitely ladylike.  The soft, side-swept waves feel old Hollywood, but at the same time it’s a very current look. The ladies below pull off this trend with fantastic flourish.

Sideswept hair

The Top Knot
When done right, this look is can be a little edgy and still quite stylish.  The bun can even be a little messy (Katharine McPhee) or embellished (Louise Roe) or formed in a simple knot (Emily Blunt).  Anyway you pile it up, the Top Knot will convey a confident and head-turning look.

Top knot

We keep hearing rumors that stick-straight hair is out, but you’d never know it from these ladies’ fabulous red carpet looks.  The straight hair on these ladies appears vibrant and healthy.  The shine and smooth layers add a nice dimension to what otherwise might have been viewed as a little dull.  Bravo to these ladies for pulling off this look, which we know isn’t an easy one!

The Faux-Hawk
We’ve been seeing this look for a while now and enjoying multiple celebs’ take on it.  Halle Barry has been rockin’ this look on and off for years; and what can we say, she has it down! We’re now smitten with Julianne Hough’s and Eva Longoria’s take on the trend.  Both women had updos that mimicked the look in a wonderful way.  We especially liked the swirled pieces on Julianne’s crown.  These three certainly proved that this look can be more than just fierce, but actually elegant.

Unconventional Updos
We‘re pleased that the updo has moved past the French twist or chignon.  More and more, we’re seeing it adapt to a more playful design.  These ladies have adapted and look thoroughly modern, and we applaud the fun that they clearly had with tradition.

Do-Over Updos
For us, there were a few misses among the hordes of fabulousness.  We found these looks to be lacking for a few reasons.  One, they were just not flattering and all these ladies can and have done it better in the past.  We did not like this messy updo on Kelly Cuoco. Fine perhaps for Sunday errands, but not red carpet ready.  Amy Poehler tried for a chic side bun, but it was pulled too tightly, messy in parts and sleek in others. And with the side bump’s placement a little too high, her updo created an oddball shape out of the back of her ear.  Helen Hunt’s look is also too casual for the red carpet.  Is it up or down?  With too many wisps, it looks dry and unkempt.  We aren’t sure what happened with this messy bun on Guilana Rancic.  It’s not quite high enough for a top knot and is oddly placed on the back of her head, instead of at the nape.  Too many wisps and falling pieces give her look a precarious quality.

Messy Moments
Could someone hand these ladies a comb?  Or styling product?  All three appeared to have rolled out of bed right before heading to the awards.  Really, all three of these looks could be saved simply; we’re not sure why they weren’t.

We’d love to hear what you thought about the looks you saw at the Golden Globes.  Feel free to comment below.