Meet Mike Karg

meet Mike Karg

When it comes to cutting hair, Mike Karg does it one way and one way only. It’s cut and dry—actually, dry and cut. Read on to learn more about him and his special DryHairCutting technique, then book an appointment with him at INTERLOCKS!!

Who is Mike Karg?

Mike Karg is a celebrity hairstylist with 30+ years experience, manufacturer of high-quality professional shears, industry educator, and pioneer of the DryHairCut. New-York born and Switzerland-raised, Karg started in the hair industry at the age of 15 and soon relocated to Hollywood and New York City, cutting celebrities’ hair, working fashion shows and magazine shoots, and transitioning into the educational role he maintains today. Learn more about Mike at

What is a DryHairCut, and why get one?

A DryHairCut is basically what it sounds like — your hair is cut when it’s dry instead of wet. “We wear our hair dry, not wet,” Karg says. “So when you cut the hair dry, you get the most precise, and in my opinion, perfect haircut you’ll ever receive.” With dry hair, it’s easy to see where weight can be removed, and your natural hair growth determines the direction of the haircut. There are also no unhappy surprises like too-short bangs or uneven length due to wearing you hair differently than how it was cut.  It’s simply a perfectly customized, one-of-a-kind cut that’s perfect for you.

Why is Mike Karg coming to INTERLOCKS?

Having a celebrity stylist come visit us in Newburyport is not only exciting for staff and clients alike, but Mike shares his knowledge and expertise from his 30+ years in the industry. At INTERLOCKS, we pride ourselves on continuing education for all staff. A 2013 Northshore Magazine article writes, “It’s no surprise that Karg, an industry veteran with almost 30 years’ experience under his belt, connected in 2010 with Interlocks, a salon known for its dedication to the continued education of its staff.”

All of our stylists are fully trained in cutting hair wet or dry, and there are advantages to both as well as stylists’ individual preferences. Mike’s expert training brings it a step further, with his personal and ever-evolving techniques for the perfect DryHairCut. As Mike himself says, “Education is the motor of our industry; let’s make sure we’ll keep it running.”

What happens during the appointment?

It’s not just a cut! First, one of our stylists or assistants will fully wash and condition your hair, including a relaxing scalp massage. They will fully dry your hair in the style that you primarily wear it. Mike will then consult with you by asking specific questions about your current style: how do you typically wear your hair? Where do you part it? What products do you use? What’s your routine look like? What style are you looking for? If you don’t know, don’t worry! Mike can to determine what will look amazing with your specific hair texture, face shape and features!

Oh, and complimentary refreshments (Prosecco, anyone?) during your appointment doesn’t hurt, either.

Now join us!

You’ve got the who, what, where, and why. WHEN is April 13 + 14 with limited appointments available! Book now by clicking the button below or calling us at 978-465-3010.

Be among the few to receive a one-of-a-kind haircut by the pioneer of DryHairCutting. KARG’s DryCuts are all about movement, resulting in sexy, current, wearable hair.


$225 with $100 deposit required*

*72-hour cancellation notice required for deposit refund.

Mike’s Celeb Clientele

A sampling of silver screen legends and TV personalities that Mike has cut and styled.

Gena Lee NolinGena Lee Nolin

Marisa TomeiMarisa Tomei

Sharon StoneSharon Stone