NARS Spring Training

NARS Spring Training

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NARS Seasonal Seminar Training

INTERLOCKS Makeup Artists Christine Scovotti and Robin Liebowitz were recently invited to, and attended, the spring NARS Seasonal Seminar training. This hands-on training focused not only on upcoming spring trends, but how Makeup Artists should think outside the box and explore their own creative styles to reinterpret past trends.

The Seminar was taught by Doug Howell, NARS Lead Trainer Northeast and International Artist — not to mention frequent Guest Makeup Artist at INTERLOCKS! He was joined by NARS National Makeup Artist Dee Beybutyan, who we’ve been happy to have at many of our events!

Read on to discover some of the knowledge Doug shared with our Makeup Artists during the seminar, and come see him and Dee during our next NARS Makeup Event on St. Patrick’s Day!

What were you most inspired by?

Christine: How makeup trends have changed over the decades but how we can still interpret the look from the 1940’s and make it current.

Robin: I was totally inspired by learning about new NARS products, such as the Velvet Matte Skin Tint, and bringing back knowledge to our customers. I was also inspired by the excitement of the new Spring colors! There is also basically no right or wrong in a NARS training. Instead, they ask you to bring out your own personal artistry and talent, explore, and create your own style.

Any up-and-coming spring makeup trends?

Christine: Trends this season are all about complexion, creating a flawless, “glowy” or matte effect without a lot of makeup. NARS Spring 2016 is all about soft pastel tones of pink, peach, rose, blue and green.

Robin: The new buzz word in cosmetics that your going to see a lot of is “blurred.” The new Velvet Matte Skin Tint blurs any imperfections and gives a natural glow, but also a matte finish which controls shine. I think it’s going to be amazing in the warmer months too!

What is your favorite NARS product and why?

Christine: My favorite NARS product is my Laguna Bronzer. It is the perfect bronzer out on the market. I wear it every single day, 12 months out of the year! I cannot live without it! I love the touch of warmth it adds to my skin.

Robin: NARS is coming out with a Liquid Laguna Bronzer which I am totally in love with! It’s nice to use Laguna Bronzing Powder, but a lot of women want more moisture, so this solves that problem! The color is beautiful and will work on all skin tones.

What’s the best thing about being a makeup artist?

Christine: My favorite thing about being a makeup artist is when I see my client smile at the end of the application. Being able to give them a look they didn’t think they could achieve, and assuring them they could easily repeat the look themselves at home.

Robin: Being a makeup artist is totally rewarding. It’s a super fun job, and at the end of the day, you get to make people look good and feel better about themselves.



Meet the Teacher

Doug Howell NARS Makeup ArtistDoug Howell is a NARS Makeup Stylist, fulfilling a position designed to help communicate the philosophies and ideals that François Nars bestowed on the company at its inception.

As a makeup artist for 13 years, Doug brings with him a love of color, quintessential to any NARS artist. His time with other beauty brands, such as MAC, Prescriptives, Space NK and Benefit, has given him a wealth of knowledge gained only from experience with such a broad spectrum of cosmetics companies.

Aside from Doug’s work with other cosmetics companies, he has also crafted his technique within the fashion industry. As an integral part of the NARS team backstage at New York Fashion Week, he has assisted in a variety of shows including Marc Jacobs (where he worked alongside François Nars), 3.1 phillip lim (men’s and women’s), Thakoon, Sophie Thallet, Mandy Coon, HONOR, Joy Cioci and Creatures of the Wind He has been published in Boston Common Magazine, Boston Herald Fashion and STUFF Magazine as well as in Online Beauty sites such as and Doug also lends his talent to celebrities; those of whom he has worked with include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brandy and Kelly Osbourne.

Doug’s diverse background in cosmetics and strong grasp on individuality are what propel him to see the unique potential of each client that sits in his chair. Doug’s passion stems from his love for empowering and enhancing women with beauty and not masking them with makeup.

True to the core of the philosophy of NARS, Doug strives to make beauty all about ease and accessibility while being fun and individualized.