It’s A Little Thin…

It’s A Little Thin…

Thinning hair is an issue that many of us deal with, even if it’s just a periodic problem.  For women, hormones can be a factor, as can stress, or even illness or medication.  Your hair is like a garden; it’s only as good as the soil in which you plant.  Healthy hair follicles are a product of a well-tended scalp.  And without a healthy scalp as a starting point, the growth cycle can become disrupted and thinning hair is often the result.

We’re aware that clients often want immediate treatments, but it can take time to restore the proper scalp pH, as well as open clogged hair follicles. Our stylists are finding that appointment time is also needed to educate their clients about the importance of taking care of their hair from the root.

Interlocks’ Senior Manager and Buyer, Alita Kaszuba, explains: “It’s kind of a hard concept for people – the idea that you have to take care of your scalp.  I liken it to developing a skincare regimen. It’s important for the client who has thinning hair to consistently treat the problem instead of just reacting to it.”

Alita has multiple product lines available in Interlocks’ Beauty Apothecary to help treat thinning hair.  She is particularly excited about Aveda’s new line, Invati. The exfoliating shampoo renews the scalp and is clinically proven to remove buildup of products.  It unclogs pores and nourishes dry, tight scalps with extracts that equalize the lipid balance.  The conditioner restores hair strength and elasticity, reducing breakage.  It thickens hair from the root and adds natural shine.  The scalp revitalizer helps to energize and rehabilitate the scalp around the follicles as soon as it is massaged in, creating the optimum environment for healthy hair.

Watch the video below to see what Invati users are saying. It’s easy to see why Alita is excited about bringing on this great line of products.

In addition, Interlocks has been carrying the Nioxin line of products for sometime now, and it has developed a growing clientele.  According to the Nioxin website, “Thinning hair is a common problem, affecting 78% of men and women of all ages.”

Salon Director and Master Stylist, Vicki Quist, says that for many of her clients with thin or thinning hair, using Nioxin has become as second nature as taking their daily vitamin.


Vicki says her clients find that Nioxin is a great “topical solution.”  She describes its use as “similar to using primer before putting on your makeup.” Clients who use Nioxin daily do report back that that they see a difference in their hair’s density.  Vicki goes on to say, “You really notice the difference if you forget to use it one day.”

Nioxin is a great product for men and women alike who feel they need thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair.  The company says that its advanced technologies provide real solutions for making the most of the hair you have. The Nioxin treatment plumps up each hair from the cuticle and helps to enlarge the diameter of each individual hair follicle.  With continued use, you will see not only thicker denser hair, but also your hair will be healthier and have a lot of shine.

If your interested in trying some products that might improve  your thinning hair, just ask your stylist for some suggestions during your next vist to Interlocks.