Our Reopening Guidelines

BIG NEWS! Salons are included in Governor Baker’s and the state of Massachusetts’ Phase I reopening. That means…


Client and staff health and safety is still our highest priority. Please read through all of our guidelines below, and stay tuned as we fine-tune our reopening strategy.

Safety and Sanitation Guidelines

We will be following all of the safety and sanitation guidelines for hair salon and barbershops provided by the state of Massachusetts. You can view the full list here (PDF). Below, you will see a brief overview as well as additional policies we will be implementing.

Hygiene + Disinfection Protocols

We will ensure access to hand-washing facilities on site, including soap and running water, and allow sufficient break time for workers to wash hands frequently. We will also have alcohol-based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol as a supplement.

Service providers will not share tools or supplies. All tools and stations will be disinfected between clients. Each stylist has been Barbicide® certified in proper sanitation and disinfection practices and procedures consistent with the current highest industry standards. Staff will stay up to date on safety standards, safety information, and precautions including hygiene and other measures aimed at reducing disease transmission.

Cleaning and disinfection of the entire site, including heavy transit areas and high-touch areas, will be conducted daily or more frequently.

We will outsource our laundry to a professional service each day for a higher level of sanitation. Each washable item will be used only once, for one client, before being washed again.

We’ve also installed a state-of-the-art ERV Fresh Air Ventilation System, which draws fresh air into the building while pushing stale air out to ensure that a space is clean and contains fewer pollutants, toxins, allergens, and more.

Social Distancing

We will be using fewer service stations to comply with the 6ft social distancing guidelines. We will also be implementing social distancing protocols at the front desk and throughout our retail space. We ask that all clients observe the 6ft social distancing guidelines.

Appointment Required

The state guidelines mandate that we require customers to make an appointment in advance to receive services. We will not be accepting walk-in clients at this time.

As of 6/21/20, we are again accepting new clients, and online booking is available for hair and nail services.

Health Survey

All clients will be screened with a brief health survey upon arrival. This is required before coming in. All clients and staff must stay home if feeling ill.

Upon Arrival

Our indoor waiting areas will be temporarily closed. We ask clients to text 978-255-3812 with your name and appointment time upon arrival, and we will let you know when you may enter. Until then, please wait in your car or in our outdoor seating area. There will be ample signage in the parking lot displaying this information.

Our stylists ask that you arrive with clean, dry hair.

Face Masks Required

Every client is required to wear a face mask or covering for the duration of their visit. The only exception is during mask-off services in the spa. See our spa + medspa guidelines for more information.

We strongly recommend wearing a disposable mask, as there is a chance that masks may be stained during a color service. We will have disposable face masks available if needed.

Our staff will also wearing face masks and all mandated PPE.

Clothing + Possessions

Our color changing rooms will be temporarily closed. Clients should wear clothing appropriate for color services without needing to change. We will provide a clean color robe to be worn over clothes for each client.

Please only bring minimal possessions in to your appointment. Leave personal belongings and bags in the car if possible.


All hair and nail services are available to book.

All spa services, including facials + facial treatments, have resumed as of 7/28. Spa services can only be booked by phone currently. Please see our spa + medspa guidelines.

An updated makeup menu is available to book as of 8/31. Please see our makeup guidelines.

No Companion Policy

Unless the client is a minor, or there is a medical need, we will not be permitting anyone to join the client for an appointment. Companions may wait in the car or in our outdoor seating area.

Bring Your Own Beverage

Our beverage refreshment center will be temporarily closed and we encourage you to bring your own water if needed.

Client + Staff Travel

Governor Charlie Baker has put into effect a 14-day post-travel quarantine mandate for travelers who are returning from vacationing or visiting other states, with the exemption of: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Washington state and Washington, D.C.

We ask that if you have traveled outside of these areas, please refrain from making an appointment and/or reschedule existing appointments until the end of a 14-day quarantine. We understand our guidelines may be different from the Governor’s; however, we are doing our best to operate with the highest of safety standards to keep our team and our clients protected. Therefore, we will not be accepting Covid-19 test results.

At this time, we are not approving employee requests for vacation travel outside of the areas above. This is a temporary measure and sacrifice that all of us at INTERLOCKS are making to protect our community. Our top priority is the health and safety of our clients and team, and we are committed to doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Pricing and Payment

A 3% safety fee was added to some service prices to support our additional supply costs of required PPE for clients and staff. We will have masks available for every client.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our contactless payment options:

  1. Streamline your future visit by pre-purchasing a gift card over the phone when scheduling your appointment. This allows our Service Concierge team to deduct the cost of your appointment from your account without a signature required, and you can walk right out the door following your appointment.
  2. Pay from your seat with your service provider or an assistant.

Payment at the front desk will still be available.