Premiere Beauty Event with the Nail Team

INTERLOCKS Licensed Nail Technicians Meg L., Catherine A., Sharon W., and Sophorn P.

This past week, four of our Nail Technicians traveled down to Orlando for a fun educational opportunity: Premier International Beauty Event!

Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event is the event for professional education, networking & checking out the latest trends & techniques in the beauty industry, offering over 650+ education classes in hair, nails, dayspa and business.

Read on to learn about their trip to Premier Orlando, and check out some of their trip photos below!

What was Premier all about?

Meg: Premier is about exploring new and exciting advances in the industry, staying fresh and relevant with ever-changing and improving products and techniques!

Catherine: Premiere is all about introducing new products and techniques to nail techs and stylists.

Sharon: Premier is a beauty expo that licensed professionals attend to find out the latest new trends in the beauty business. There are vendors from every well known company selling their products, along with demonstrations and classes.

Sophorn: Premier was all about artists in the beauty industry sharing new techniques, products, services and knowledge with each other to continue to perfect their craft.

What were some of your favorite classes or events?

Meg: My favorite was the Polygel class, a product we carry but have only scratched the surface of using. I’m excited to work with it to further my skills and be able to offer our clients more services.

Catherine: I loved the Gelish classes. The teacher was a 27-year veteran to the industry and shared a lot of great tricks.

Sharon: My favorite class was the was the Light Elegance class. It is an all natural line that I think would be nice to incorporate into new spa manicure and spa pedicure services. The products leave you feeling soft and luxurious.

Sophorn: Some of my favorite classes were the Polygel class by Gelish, the Dip Nails class by Gelish and Q&Lu by Light Elegance.

Did you learn anything new? Will you be using that knowledge back at your station at INTERLOCKS?

Meg: I learned new techniques in attaching Swarovski gems to our Shellac manicures. A simple technique to add a bit of fun and sparkle to a classic mani!

Catherine: Yes. Right now, we’re are working with new products and treatments to offer clients that we have never had before!

Sharon: There were some products I thought I’d be interested in, but after attending classes I found them to be too difficult and time-consuming to remove. I am more interested in keeping the natural nail healthy than a product that may last longer, which brings me to the IBX product. It is a strengthening system that allows your nails to heal from the inside out. I’m excited to be able to use it on clients that have white spots or are prone to peeling nails.

Sophorn: I’ve learned that the industry is trending toward a more “green” approach when it comes products and services, which is great! I can’t wait to share with my clients the new services we come up with!

What were you most inspired by?

Meg: I was most inspired by everyone’s passion for what they do. I got into nails because I love nails, and being surrounded by people with the same enthusiasm was a thrill!

Catherine: The amount of people who do this and love it, and so many new products that are changing the whole industry!

Sharon: I was most inspired by the company Voesh, an all natural and vegan line that we recently started to incorporate into our signature pedicure. Their pedicure pods came in so many amazing scents and would be a nice addition to our regular pedicures. We also were very excited to see they offered mani/pedi gloves, which we thought could be a nice add-on feature to our services.

Sophorn: I was inspired by how much fun and creativity you can have with nails. The possibilities are endless!

What was your favorite part of Premiere? What was your favorite part about Orlando?

Meg: My favorite part of Premier and Orlando was having the time to learn and explore together as a team. Figuring out what matters to us and what matter to our clients, and what we want to grow our nail room into!

Catherine: I loved everything about the Premiere experience and watching all the demos. For Orlando, it was the weather. It was nice to finally see the sun!

Sharon: My favorite part of Premier was being able to see everything the beauty business has to offer first-hand, from testing products in classes to walking through the convention center and learning about new techniques.

As for Orlando, seeing the sun! ☀️ 😜  Spending time with my coworkers and discussing what we think would be best products to incorporate and freshen up the nail department made the Premier Event in Orlando the best possible place for us to be.

Sophorn: My favorite part about Premiere was how passionate everyone was about their craft! Everyone was so willing to share helpful tips and tricks and was so eager to help answer questions. As for Orlando — 90 degrees and sunny, need I say more? 🙂