Pump Up The Volume

Pump Up The Volume

As you know, we are all about education and training to bring you the latest in all things beauty. Our Certified Master Lash Artists have just traveled to California and New York to train on the latest techniques for Volume Lashes and they couldn’t be more excited with this product’s results!

You may be wondering what makes Volume Lashes different from other lash extensions, and we’re sooo excited to tell you!! The difference is the weight and thickness of the lashes and how many can be placed on one lash. We can apply 7 times more with Volume Lashes! With Classic Lashes we had less options, but with Volume Lashes both choice and specialization are the key.

Volume Lashes shown in photo by INTERLOCKS Master Lash Artist Laura Crowley.

We customize the lashes to each client’s lifestyle and eye shape, dramatic for one month, and natural/everyday look the next. We achieve this with multiple lengths, weights, and curls for a totally customized lash. With the ability to add more or less, thicker or thinner, these lashes are tailor-made for your special day whether it’s for a wedding or vacation, or can be worn year round for constant glamour. They are also adaptable for people with very short and/or thin natural lashes (hallelujah for that!). And don’t forget, these beauties can be worn in the water with no mascara mess running down your face and can last for 4 weeks in between fills. Just imagine waking up with gorgeous lashes every day!

Volume Lash Training

Our Master Lash Artists Laura Crowley (far left) and Vera Mustafaraj (far right) at a New York training with international lash extensions superstars.