Rubbish to Runway

You’ve heard the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” But is one woman’s trash another woman’s… cocktail dress?

That was the idea behind the Rubbish to Runway reFashion Show on October 8th. Bits of newspaper, packaging labels, plastic bags and the like were transformed into gowns, accessories, and even cowboy chaps.

The purpose of the show, sponsored by the charitable organization Long Way Home, was to inspire others to find creative ways to use their rubbish. The second purpose was to educate and fundraise for Long Way Home, a grass-roots non-profit with a mission to build sustainable schools which promote education, employment and environmental stewardship.

Three INTERLOCKS stylists were among the volunteer beauty crew, making sure that the models walking the runway had eccentric (but fabulous) hairstyles. Master Stylist Vicki Q. and Senior Stylists Tara J. and Christine R. curled, twisted, teased and pinned dozens of models of all ages for 4 hours leading up to the event. The stylists met with outfit designers to execute their vision before hitting the stage.

“It was chaotic, but exciting—people were running around putting on candy wrappers, shopping bags and bits of recycling and trash,” says Christine. Tara added, “At times we had no idea what the model’s hairstyle was going to be until they sat in our chair. We embraced the challenge, because after all… we are INTERLOCKS stylists!”

Learn more about Long Way Home by visiting their website at, and see all the Rubbish to Runway photos on Facebook.

Select photos: Rocco’s Photo Tavern

Venue: Blue Ocean Music Hall Salisbury

models at Rubbish to Runway reFashion ShowINTERLOCKS Master Stylist Vicki styling model at Rubbish to Runway reFashion Show
model at Rubbish to Runway reFashion Showmodel with braid at Rubbish to Runway reFashion Show