Nail Room Sanitation Standards

As of 6/23/20, we will once again offer nail services. In addition to the safety protocols required by the state of Massachusetts, we want to share our high sanitation and sterilization standards to ensure the health, safety, and peace of mind of all our clients and team members.

All of the safety and sanitation guidelines we implemented upon reopening will still apply. See all of our reopening guidelines here.

Limited Staff

To facilitate social distancing guidelines, we will have a maximum of three Nail Technicians working at one time.

Safety Shield for Manicures

There will be a shield between the client and nail tech for manicure services.

Autoclaves and Sterilization

We utilize two medical-grade autoclaves in our spa and nail salon. The autoclaves are sterilizers that heat our washed implements to over 500 degrees to kill any form of bacteria, virus, fungi, or spores. Both of our autoclaves are maintained by a biotech company to make sure they’re always in fully functional working order. All of our reusable tools go through the autoclave after each use.

Single-Use Implements

Any tools or implements that are not sterilized with an autoclave, such as nail files and buffers, are single-use. Nothing is reused on clients. Clients may take their nail file and buffer but if they do not, those items are disposed of. Linens and towels are used for one client only and are sent to be professionally cleaned each day.

Other Sanitation Measures

  • All service providers wash their hands regularly, including after each service and again before servicing another client. Hand sanitizer is also available to every team member and client to supplement.
  • We thoroughly clean and disinfect every work station, including salon stations, manicure tables, pedicure tubs, spa rooms, and makeup stations. In addition to our routine cleaning schedule, we’re also taking special care to regularly and thoroughly disinfect high-volume areas such as the front desk, door handles, and bathrooms.
  • You will receive a call the day before your appointment to discuss our new health guidelines and complete a brief health survey upon arrival. This is required before coming in. Our staff are also being screened and have temperature checks daily. All clients and staff must stay home if feeling ill.
  • We’re closely monitoring and implementing all guidelines from the Department of Health, CDC, and WHO.