Stylist To The Stars & Interlocks

Stylist To The Stars & Interlocks

Mike Karg

Mike KARG in action at Interlocks Salon, November 2012

Mike KARG cuts hair dry because, as he notes, “We don’t wear our hair wet.”

This simple principle is a transforming statement when you realize that it’s not how most stylists are trained.

“When I apprenticed in the mid ’80’s, cutting hair was explained to me in a very complicated manner,” KARG says.  “It was called precision haircutting.  I always wanted to simplify haircutting; I was convinced the answer was Dry Haircutting.  When dry cutting, you cut the hair as it is worn; there are no surprises.  You can work with larger sections and longer shears.  You have way more flexibility on how to manipulate hair to eliminate weight.”

KARG with Amanda Bartlett, Associate Stylist

It was from this thought that KARG developed his own techniques, and later his own line of professional cutting shears that are all tested by KARG himself to enhance his now legendary dry-cutting technique.

KARG’s presence is part of Interlocks’ ongoing commitment to salon education. Our stylists and styling assistants have the opportunity to learn new techniques and be mentored by a world-renowned innovator.  It also serves as a motivator for staff to remain excited about applying new techniques and staying current with cutting-edge trends.  Having the opportunity to work with KARG is not something that comes along for every stylist.  Therefore, Interlocks is fortunate to have cultivated a relationship with KARG and to host him in the salon about 4x a year.

Darlene – “It’s not just getting a different cut; it’s taking your style to a new level. He made me feel so comfortable. He’s really good, and so much fun, that’s a great combination.”

Gloria – “He cuts my hair and it just falls into place, its carefree and easy.  I think it’s because he connects with the person he’s working with.  For me, he gets my personality, so my hair fits me and my lifestyle.”

Debbie – “I love him!  He’s the best person who has ever cut my hair.”

Still curious about the KARG experience? Check out this video of KARG in action at Interlocks.

So let’s go over this again, why does Interlocks invite Mike KARG as a guest artist?

  1. He’s a lot of fun.
  2. KARG’s passion and knowledge provide educational opportunities for staff training and mentoring.
  3. See #1 & 2.

That’s a pretty simple break down!

Mike KARG has become the stylist of choice for top designers and photographers.  His work has been featured in VogueMaxim, Vanity Fair, and People. For more on Mike KARG’s guest artist appearances at Interlocks, follow us on Twitter, read our Facebook Page, or just continue reading this Blog!