Summer Laser Hair Removal

Ladies,* you know the feeling: you get to the beach, set up your umbrella, strip down to your bikini and AH! A hair the razor missed on your bikini line. Or you’re waving to the kids in the water and realize you forgot to shave your underarms this morning. What if you could skip the shaving altogether (and razor burn, and buying all the shaving products)? Enter laser hair removal!

It’s a common misconception that you cannot receive laser hair removal in summer. It is restricted due to increased sun exposure, but for untanned body areas it is still very safe and effective.

*Laser hair removal is for the guys, too! Common areas may include the back, chest, neck hairline, and other spots — but if you’ve been hitting the beach every week, those sun-kissed areas will have to wait.

Laser hair removal is available with Licensed + Certified Laser Hair Removal Technician Jennifer Oliveri and Director of Laser Services + Registered Nurse Maria Gagliardi. Read on to see if you’re ready to start your summer laser hair removal!

Possible Areas for Summer Laser Hair Removal

The two main areas that are most likely to be safe and effective for summer laser hair removal are the underarms and bikini line. These areas are hidden from the sun most of the time  — though if you’ve been laying out in a teeny-tiny bikini, you might have to wait ’til autumn. If you’re not the type to soak up the sun, it may be possible to target other areas such as the stomach, back, or upper legs.

New laser hair removal clients require a (free) initial consultation anyway, so if you’re unsure if you’re eligible yet or just want more information, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with Jen or Maria.

Before Your Appointment

There are a few important rules to follow before getting laser hair removal in the summer.

#1 most important: no sun exposure on the targeted area for at least 3 weeks before your service. We know it’s warm and beautiful out, but using a laser on tanned or sunburned skin can potentially cause hyperpigmentation, burns, and scarring.

No waxing, plucking, tweezing, or electrolysis for 3 weeks prior. Laser hair removal works by destroying hair follicles with concentrated pulses of light. If there’s no hair follicle there, there’s nothing to remove!

Don’t apply self-tanners for at least 3-4 weeks before your appointment.

You can find more information about pre- and post-care on our MedSpa information and care page.

After Your Service

Avoid the sun. Treated areas should be shielded from the sun for at least 2 weeks following your service.

Use sunscreen. Treated areas are vulnerable to hyper- or hypopigmentation if exposed to sun, so don’t forget the broad-spectrum sunscreen. P.S. You should be slathering on the SPF regardless of whether you’ve had LHR services!

No hot tub, sauna, intense gym workouts, or pools for 1-2 days after your service.

Schedule your next appointment! The number of treatments needed will vary per person, but all the growth phases of hair need to be treated. Booking your next appointment for 4-6 weeks out will get you even closer to that smooth, hair-free skin!