Thank You Nurses + Our Community!

To nurses everywhere, and especially our local heroes at Anna Jaques Hospital: thank you. Your bravery, strength, and compassion have continued to provide our community with hope and trust in our community hospital. We are grateful for each AJH employee, continuing to work and support our community through the COVID-19 pandemic.

On April 6, we launched a campaign asking our community for help in pampering every nurse at Anna Jaques Hospital. For every $20 Gift Card purchased, we matched an additional $5. Last week during National Nurses Week, INTERLOCKS Owner Ginny Eramo delivered all 320 gift cards to Anna Jaques Hospital to be distributed.

We want to give a big, big thank you (and a shoutout!) to everybody so far who helped us to gift these hard-working and dedicated individuals.

We are continuing to raise funds for this initiative and if we surpass our goal, we will distribute gift cards to other AJH personnel. You can purchase these on our online store.

Bought 25+ Gift Cards

Regina A. – Newburyport

Ralph C. – Newbury

Bought 10+ Gift Cards

Raina A. – Houston

Bought 5+ Gift Cards

Julia D. – Newburyport

Mary R. – Amesbury

Michele V. – Newburyport

Ruth S. – Medford

Mary Anne C. – Newburyport

Julie T. – East Kingston

Pamela B. – Newburyport

Robin M. – Hampton

Susan D. – Amesbury

Joan M. – Amesbury

Bought 1+ Gift Card

Jessica B. – Nottingham

Tammy R. – Danville

Renate U. – Newburyport

Karen G. – Epping

Stephanie C. – Newburyport

Andrea B. – Salisbury

Donna L. – Amesbury

Sharon B. – Newburyport

Karen O. – Newburyport

Ellen B. – Newburyport

Janet S. – North Hampton

Mary I. – Framingham

Ann H. – Newburyport

Carole D. – Newbury

Becky C. – Newburyport

Paula M. – Tucson

Martha B. – Haverhill

Courtney C. – Seabrook

Kara C. – Newburyport

Sandra G. – Weymouth

Patricia S. – Newbury

Anita D. – Salisbury

Eileen S. – Haverhill

Esther S. – Newburyport

Janice K. – Newburyport

Marybeth S. – Newburyport

Benjamin B. – Amesbury

Sally P. – Newburyport

Paula G. – Byfield

Bart G. – Odessa

Joan S. – Byfield

Tamah F. – Salisbury

Carol Z. – Newburyport

Stefanie D. – Merrimac

Jean W. – Haverhill

Genevieve G. – Newburyport

Laura C. – Georgetown

Letty K. – Kingston

Debbie K. – Newburyport

Vera M. – Salem

Christine S. – Haverhill

Kenneth C. – Salisbury

Jordan C. – Amesbury

Judith W. – Newburyport

David W. – Newburyport

Jean B. – Newburyport

Robert W. – Boxford

Debra D. – Salem

Tanya M. – Haverhill

Patricia B. – Newburyport

Maria P. – Newbury

Ronna C. – Newburyport

Carlie S. – Kingston

Frances N. – Newburyport

Robin L. – Natick

Ann-Marie G. – Merrimac

Amy P. – San Diego

Alice M. – Merrimac

Katie R. – Rowley

Jordan B. – Amesbury

Isabella P. – Newburyport

Robin G. – West Newbury