INTERLOCKS Stylists Kelly Sargent and Sherise Campbell with celebrity stylist Tracey Cunningham (middle)

Fall may be the time most people think about school but at INTERLOCKS we think about education all year long! In fact, two of our stylists, Kelly Sargent and Sherise Campbell, just attended a Mane Addicts University Master Color Class where they engaged in an all-day highlighting class featuring celebrity stylist, Tracey Cunningham. Tracey taught them her signature techniques and formulas for creating dimensional blondes, Balayage, Lily Aldridge highlights, baby lights, ombre, sombre, red coloring and countless others like the ones she uses on her celeb client list (not to name drop but……… oh what the heck! Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Amy Poehler, Shakira, Paris Hilton).

Kelly and Sherise at master color class with Dough doughnuts

Kelly & Sherise enjoying Dough Doughnuts at the Mane Addicts University Master Color Class

Luckily for our girls, the class took place at DreamDry, a posh NYC blowout bar founded by Rachel Zoe (totally BANANAS, right??!!!) and Robin Moraetes. Having someone like Tracey share such coveted hair coloring information felt like a real gift for both Sherise and Kelley. Sherise was particularly fond of Tracey’s baby light technique, in which fine strands of highlights are woven into the hair to mimic the fresh, natural dimension often seen on children (sign us up PRONTO). And Kelly added,  “Tracey’s signature technique is a total game changer—creating something special for clients that has a little more edge but still remaining a natural, lived-in look. This was by far one of the best classes I have ever taken in 17 years of doing hair!” School is so IN.