We ❤️ Environ

If you’ve had a facial or skincare treatment at INTERLOCKS within the past couple years, you’ve probably heard of Environ Skincare — or are already a huge fan! This top-quality skincare brand has been beloved by our aestheticians from the very beginning, and right now we’re offering a gift with purchase offer with your $150 Environ purchase!

About Environ

Environ creates scientifically researched, results-driven skin care products that make a real difference. Each product is formulated to replenish essential skin nutrients into the deep layers of the skin that are often lost by sun exposure, pollution and radiation. Over time, this replenishment has visible and even dramatic effects on the skin. Environ can help you see real, beautiful results with a myriad of skin concerns, including but not limited to:

  • pigmentation
  • sun damage
  • aging
  • sensitivity
  • acne

Read on for more from our aestheticians on why they love Environ, and book a consultation to find your perfect skincare regimen and take advantage of our gift with purchase!

Environ Gift With Purchase

Your choice of a FREE

Pre-Cleansing Oil

$33 value

or Clay Masque

$42 value

with $150 in Environ purchases

Gift with purchase has no cash value and cannot be returned or exchanged. Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. In-store only, not available online. Through 7/31/21 or while supplies last.

On the Pre-Cleansing Oil:

I love the Pre-Cleansing Oil. I literally use it every single night to takeoff my makeup; it is the first step in my cleansing process. It’s gentle enough to use on the eyes and it also leaves your skin feeling super smooth afterwards!

— Master Aesthetician Lauren Rachael C.

The Pre-Cleansing Oil is amazing for makeup removal. It dissolves makeup, unclogs pores, and hydrates skin.

— Master Aesthetician Laura C.

The Pre-Cleaning Oil is a great first step for any skin care routine. It helps break down makeup, including eye makeup, and any oils your skin has produced throughout the day. I believe skin does not truly become clean without an oil breakdown of the day which can be easily accomplished with Pre-Cleansing Oil!

— Master Aesthetician Kassandra C.

I never thought I would be using oil to clean my face. However, the Pre-Cleansing Oil is the perfect first step. It feels wonderful every time I put it on and is gentle for everyday use. It will help remove dirt, make up, and sunscreen comfortably. It’s great for all skin types and feels amazing.

— Master Aesthetician Lauren C.

On the Clay Masque:

The Clay Masque helps with hydration and the kaolin clay makes my skin so soft and smooth. I will use this as my exfoliant a couple times a week. And the Clay Masque and Pre-Cleansing Oil go together like peanut butter and jelly!

— Master Aesthetician Laura C.

Not only does this product follow the Pre-Cleansing Oil as the second layer superhero in this dynamic duo, the Hydrating Clay Masque can stand alone! It can be your exfoliant: you can exfoliate 2/3 times a week with this hydration clay mask as it will remove dead skin but hydrate at the same time.

For extreme dry skin, I have even used a very thin layer of clay mask OVER my serums during those extreme cold and hot days when my skin needs more than usual. You can leave it on and apply make up right on top. (Shhh, that’s my secret!)

— Master Aesthetician Lauren C.

The Clay Masque can be applied directly on top of the Pre-Cleansing Oil to further cleanse the skin and offer a daily gentle exfoliation. This product contains antioxidant Vitamin E, which will leave the skin feeling hydrated and vibrant after cleaning.

— Master Aesthetician Kassandra C.

What do you do love about Environ?

I love the results that Environ gives. Environ is all about having an intact skin barrier. You can have beautiful skin without stripping away essential nutrients and oils.

— Master Aesthetician Laura C.

I love the fact that Environ is manufactured with the highest quality of raw materials. Environ is also fully compliant with European regulations which have a more extensive list than the USA of  what NOT to use. That makes me feel much more invested in what I’m putting on my skin. Especially when SKIN is our largest breathing organ. Professionally, I feel confidant recommending a product that has higher standards.

— Master Aesthetician Lauren C.

What’s your favorite Environ facial that we offer?

I love the Vitamin Therapy Facial because it can be so customized to everyone. I have a plethora of tools, machines, and products to choose from. It’s just finding the right combo for each individual client’s skin.

— Master Aesthetician Laura C.

Our Rx Facial uses Environ products to give clients a luxurious facial that combines true results with rest and relaxation. This service allows us to dive a little deeper into skin concerns and results – not just metaphorically but literally! Using a cosmetic needling stamp and ultrasonic penetration, we are able to push products deeper into the skin for visible results. Our back bar contains powerful vitamins, antioxidants and active ingredients to tailor services to each individual.

— Master Aesthetician Kassandra C.

The Vitamin Therapy Facial is by far my favorite facial! It’s one-stop shopping at its best. I love that you get a light or deep peel, use of the ultrasonic machine to help penetrate serums, add on dermaplaning if you like, and receive a light massage. And it ends with the Alginate Masque which feels nice and cool, helps calm skin, stops water loss, forces our skin to breath in serums instead of oxygen, and helps to hydrate! It’s a result-driven facial for everyone!!

— Master Aesthetician Lauren C.