We’ve Got the ANSR!

We’ve Got the ANSR!


There’s a new skincare product in our Beauty Apothecary, and we’re excited about its results!  The ANSR: Beam is a small, hand-held, light-therapy treatment device that clients can safely use at home.

Interlocks Esthetician Deborah Dumont, who leads our Skin Care Team, has been using the ANSR: Beam for about 6 weeks now. Already, she’s noticed a more even skin tone and reduction of her facial fine lines.

Deborah says, “This is really the future of skincare. It’s amazing something as seemingly simple as a light can really do so much to improve your skin.”

Deborah is also pleased with the ANSR: Beam’s results, as she feels the device improves the efficacy of other skincare products she uses in her daily routine.  She recommends the product for anyone who is looking to improve skin tone and texture, as well as keep skin clear of blemishes.  Unlike topical creams that can be drying and aggravating to your skin, the ANSR: Beam rejuvenates from beneath the skin’s surface.

Incorporating the best of both blue- and red-light technology, the ANSR: Beam does double-duty to banish blemishes and smooth skin all in one hand-held device.  Its blue light works at the microflora level to treat blemishes, while the red light activates healing, according to its manufacturer, Oregon Aesthetic Technologies.

“It’s something that could really be an investment for the whole family,” Deborah adds.  “A mom could use the red beam for reducing fine lines and evening skin-tone, while a teenager in the house used the blue beam for acne control.”

The ANSR: Beam is a nice supplement to a client’s home skincare regimen and to the vast array of Facials and Advanced Corrective Treatments that Interlocks offers its clients.