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Our team of Makeup Artists are professionally trained and provide a personal approach for your desired look. Whether you have a special occasion, are seeking new makeup tips, or you’re ready for a complete makeover, our artists have the skills to showcase your unique beauty. We offer a variety of high-performing makeup lines to best customize your look and suit your individual needs.

Makeup Consultation
We invite you to spend up to 30 minutes with one of our artists, to play with some new makeup shades, or to get tips on new trends. Appointment recommended.
Teen Makeup Consultation
Get your teen off to the right start. At this experimental age, makeup can be friend or foe. Our artists will spend up to 30 minutes teaching the proper use of makeup, with a focus on natural beauty.
Makeup Application
If you have a special event, have your makeup professionally applied. We’ll make you look fantastic, and give your makeup “staying power” to last all day – or night.
False Eyelashes or Cluster Lashes
Have a little fun with temporary lashes, ideal for a special event.
False Eyelashes or Cluster Lashes
Add-on to makeup application
Prom Makeup Application

Bridal Makeup Application
Look flawless and camera-ready on your special day.
Bridal Makeup Trial Run
Weeks before your wedding day, spend up to one hour with one of our makeup artists to explore the makeup that will suit you best, and photograph well (an important consideration).
Bridal Party Application
Makeup Lesson
If you’re in a rut, applying your makeup the same old way, season after season, its time for a makeup lesson! Bring your makeup bag with you and spend up to one hour with one of our artists. Learn how to maximize your features (and minimize your flaws), while making seasonal trends work for you and leave with a confident new look.
Guest Artists
Prices vary
Throughout the year we host Guest Artists from NARS, Kjaer Weis, Rouge Bunny Rouge, and more to offer our clients makeup expertise and introduce seasonal trends.

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