Hair Extensions + Integration

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Transform your hair instantly! Have the long hair you always dreamed of, or add fullness to your natural hair. Our 100% human hair extensions can be bonded or taped to your own hair and last 3-5 months.

Associate / Senior / Master

Required. Applied to the cost of extension or integration service.
Hair Extension Service
Priced at consult
Any hair color, any texture, any length in wefts or bonds.
Hair Extension Removal
155+ / 175+ / 206+
Proper removal will leave your own natural hair in good health.
Hair Extension “Strands”
25 each
To add highlights or fun and funky colors.
Halo® Extension Fitting
52 / 52 / 62
Halo® removable hair extensions are attached to a circle of a miracle wire, which sits on your head 1-3 inches behind your hairline. Your stylist will fit your extensions to blend seamlessly with your own hair, and teach you how to put on and care for your extensions. Learn more.

Hair Integration Service
325+ (Master only)
Consultation required. Includes a 2-week follow-up service.
Integration Maintenance
218+ (Master only)

Hair Integration FAQs

We are pleased to offer our Hair Integration service utilizing the Evolve Volumizer, a semi-permanent hairpiece which can be integrated with your own hair. INTERLOCKS is one of only 10 salons in Massachusetts with at least one stylist trained and certified to install the Volumizer System. Our Master Stylists Andrea Rumph and Vicki Quist completed a rigorous training and are available for the service.

Read on for the Hair Integration frequently asked questions, and call us at 978-465-3010 for your consultation.

Hair Integration FAQs

What is the Evolve Volumizer?

The EVOLVE Volumizer is a life-changing experience for women with fine or thinning hair or suffering from hair loss. —

The Evolve Volumizer is a semi-permanent hairpiece that is integrated with the client’s own hair without damage. The 100% human hair is available in 35 colors for a flawless match, and customized completely to the client’s needs and wants. The result is comfortable, beautiful, natural-looking hair.

Who is this service for?

Hair Integration is for women with fine, thinning, or damaged hair, as well as hair loss in the crown up to 50%, that want full, voluminous, and natural-looking hair without chemicals, medications, or surgery.

What happens during a Hair Integration consultation?

The client will meet with Vicki or Andrea for up to 45 minutes, discussing hair concerns and goals, and whether Hair Integration is a good solution. The client will have the opportunity to see a hairpiece, discuss how it is installed and maintained, discuss pricing, and have any questions answered in a private and comfortable space.

How is Hair Integration maintained?

Hair Integration Maintenance appointments should be scheduled every 4 weeks or so, to tighten or reset the hairpiece, which itself can last up to one year. Clients will also be provided with at-home maintenance information and a special brush, which is used twice a day to thoroughly brush hair. “We’ll teach you everything you need to know during your appointments. It’s very user-friendly,” says Vicki.

Clients may find that hair needs to be shampooed less often. The shampooing process with an Evolve Volumizer is more-or-less the same as without, but clients should take care not to vigorously scrub the scalp. Hair can also be styled with products and heat tools. Find more care and maintenance information here.

What are the benefits of Evolve over other hair restoration methods?

Other options of hair regrowth or restoration include hair transplant surgery, internal or topical medications, or wigs. The Evolve Volumizer is integrated with your own hair, but it is not a surgical transplant. Thus, there are no risks involving anesthesia, infection, or the surgery itself. Hair growth medications can have side effects and they must be taken and/or applied daily for the rest of your life, with no guarantees of the desired effect. Wigs can be worn over fine or thinning hair, but they are often constrictive, hot, do not allow for easy styling, or look like a wig instead of natural, beautiful hair.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Evolve Volumizer hairpiece may vary depending the current state of your hair, as well as volume and density desired. The Hair Integration service is $325+, expertly performed only by certified stylists Vicki Quist and Andrea Rumph. Maintenance visits are $218+. Vicki and Andrea can answer any Hair Integration questions and provide an estimate during a complimentary 45-minute consultation.

Typically, the cost will be less than $3 per day altogether (not bad for a full head of gorgeous hair)!

Do you have any questions that weren’t answered here? Give us a call at 978-465-3010 to inquire further, or book your complimentary Hair Integration consultation with Vicki or Andrea.